The Dangerous Side Effects of Additives

Pick your poison

How I wish to turn back time and enjoy the days where life seemed so innocent and carefree well somewhat. Fast forward to present and everything all around us is so full of lies, danger, deceit, jealousy, non-trust worthy, poison, and lets not forget evilness. I need to get the truth out because many people aren’t awake nor aware and they must be told.

We are bombarded with so much corruption and first I will start off with food and how we are so deceived especially when we make those supermarket trips, so much to choose from and blindly choosing products with the assumption that the boxed item is okay for us. Its been several years now where I have done lots of informative reading and gaining the knowledge about how we are being poisoned through our food. It’s unbelievable the scam the corporations get away with and deceive the public with. All their hog wash labels on products to make it seem what their selling is good for you. You would think the government agencies such as FDA and Health Canada would protect us from such harmful products but not so is the case.

Here’s a few examples of known poisons that are in the foods at the stores such as glucose-fructose, aspartame, soy or soy lecithin, mono-sodium glutamate (MSG), sugar,  food colouring such as: red 40, hydrogenated oil, canola oil, silicon dioxide just to mention a few. Okay, you’re thinking “Poisons?!” Well lets start with:

* Glucose-fructose, this substance is found in everything from breads, cereal, soft drinks, and any packaged and processed foods. I want to let everyone know that this processed made sugar and it causes so much harm to our bodies. Our body doesn’t know how to break down this foreign substance and in turn our liver will convert it into fat, therefore the liver may become damaged, in turn the bad fat releases into the bloodstream, hence, we become at risk with ailments such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, stroke, and so many other internal and external problems. One or more of those problems may happen to anyone over time if and when consumed on a daily basis for a very long time.

Poisons in Our Food

*Aspartame another bad ingredient in many food products also there are other words to look for which indicate man made sweeteners are natural flavour, dextrose, splenda, or equal. The side effects or reactions are so deadly and dangerous. Those who are addicted and do not have any clue to what this substance is capable of doing to their internal body is in danger and needs to be aware.

*Soy Lecithin or soy is in everything and people have this illusion that soy milk, soy cheese, and other products containing soy is so healthy and beneficial. Now the truth is, it’s not healthy at all, its a genetically modified organism, and there is no organic soy. Unfortunately, I’ve realized soy has been fillers in many so called healthy products and various vitamins or supplements. Soy should only be used as a fertilizer but I honestly must say that I would never use it. Those who believe fermented soy is any better, well think again.

*Mono-sodium Glutamate (MSG) and most of us know that this substance has been used widely within Chinese food. I recall many moons ago when visiting the mall and at the food court I remember signs “No MSG” at the few Chinese food booths. At that time I had no clue what this MSG was all about but now that I’m fully aware of its origins and side effects I make sure to avoid it. The following links below will provide all the important points and side effects of all the above bad additives and more which are in our foods. Please take time to read and understand, perhaps this will awake those whom are still asleep.

Pina exposing the truth and deception

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